Your Holiday Guide to Looking for a Job


You’re looking for a job and it’s the holiday season. On any ordinary given day, it’s hard enough to get prospective employers to return your call. Now, as most commerce slows to a grinding halt, it’s near impossible. But it’s still important to be proactive and maintain momentum. Here are 4 strategies to keep a sense of hope and purpose during this festive time of year.  

Take Time for Visioning

Since this is not the most active hiring season, it’s a perfect opportunity for internal reflection. Step away from the internet and job listings for a moment. Get your hands on a piece of paper and pen. Write down your gut response to this question:

If I could wave a magic wand and hire you for what you’d love to do most, what would that be?

Name 3 things that you love about what you just wrote down.

Follow up question: Who are the individuals and companies doing some version of this?


How could you get to have a conversation with them? Write down 5 ways, even if 4 seem unrealistic.

(For more guidance to unleash your career passion, click here:)

Retool Your Resume and Linkedin Page

Regardless of the season, I know that resume writing may not be at the top of your fun list. But if your email box isn’t filled with call backs and interviews right now, it’ll give you a spare few hours to work on this.

Pro Tip:

For each of your professional experiences, make sure your resume answers this question? What value did you add to your place of work? In what specific ways did you make a difference?

Practice Telling Your Story

While I was looking for a job, it took a toll on my confidence. Yet confidence is what you’ll need to inspire employers to hire you. What parts of your work history feel shaky and need reframing? During the Christmas season, do an accomplishment debrief. Remind yourself of all the good that you’ve achieved in 2020, even if it didn’t involve a paycheck. THIS IS IMPORTANT. While attending holiday  dinners and parties, practice telling your story with a range of people you encounter.

New Year’s Resolution 2021

Earlier in the post, I asked you to name the individuals and/or companies who are doing some version of what you’d love to be doing. Commit to getting a phone or in-person meeting with one of them. For more detailed instructions on how to draft the initial request, click here.

And here’s what’s most important

Be generous with yourself during this holiday season. Particularly now, allow your hopes and dreams to surface. And if you make a commitment, I’ll help you realize them.

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