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My Story

Deep in my gut,
I know about career reinvention. I've lived it many times.

And there were times when it hurt. My professional life took off in San Francisco as an on-air journalist in radio and TV. From there, I transitioned to film producing, eventually launching a media organization. At the height of my career working at a prestigious film institute in Los Angeles, I was respected in the field, a panelist at film events around the world and enjoyed being on a first-name basis with Hollywood elite. I had arrived (or so I thought) until the day I lost my job.

Living without work in L.A, an industry town where your credential really matters, made me wonder who I was. I could feel my identity slipping away. At 50, I was quickly aging out of the profession. It was a sobering reality check, which forced me to regroup. But where and how to start? Ah, if I’d only had a career coach to cut through the clutter and help guide the way. After more than a year of pounding the pavement with no results and nothing but time on my hands, I began volunteering as an organizer for immigrant rights. I registered new voters and developed multi-cultural coalitions. Political work was a new arena for me but I dove right in. Soon I’d become part of the Mayor’s task force, was testifying at the California State Assembly and lobbying members of Congress. One of my most memorable moments was standing at City Hall in Los Angeles as the Governor signed a bill into law benefitting millions of immigrants across the state, which I had helped shepherd.

Now as a career coach, I’m in the most satisfying phase of all. I come to this profession with great passion and hard-won experience on the motivation, inspiration, dedication and yes, perspiration that it takes for reinvention. I know it’s possible to find work that you love. And I know that you deserve it. We will dream big together and chart the way forward. You're going to love your next career.

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