How to Ditch the New Year’s Resolution and Achieve Your Career Goals

For almost a decade, my ongoing New Year’s resolution was to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. I made it a goal because of the common knowledge that consuming this amount of liquid would make me healthier (and my skin more moist) and because well-intentioned friends would say, “You really should drink more water.” So every January 1st, I would try and then fail miserably within the first week. It wasn’t until the 8×8 medical myth was debunked, that I finally felt released. Now that I’m a Career Coach, I understand why New Year’s resolutions rarely work. And that’s why I’m offering a better approach to achieve your career goals.   […]

Tackle Procrastination in 3 Painless Steps

How to tackle procrastination is personal. It has taken me a lot longer to finish this blog post than it should have, because I was, um, procrastinating. And so the writing process became the ideal thought experiment to analyze what was getting in the way of finishing it, and to know whether I could follow my own advice. After spending (mostly non-procrastination) time researching experts, surveying Coaching clients and putting a mirror to myself, here’s what I’ve learned:     […]

When You’re in a Career Funk, Go for the Quick Win

Unhappiness with your work life is the perfect breeding ground for inertia. It’s scary to make change. With so many unknowns, and so much beyond your control, it might feel safer to settle in on the couch, or in that job you’d love to quit. And the thing about inertia is that it feeds on itself. If days or weeks are passing by, and you’re feeling overwhelmed and inactive, it’s time to go for the QUICK WIN. Put aside the big, amorphous career change goals for the moment and take a baby step. I’m going to lay out 7 options, some directly linked to career change, but others completely unrelated. Here’s the best part – of these 7 easy ways for breaking out of a career funk, you only have to choose ONE – but commit to doing it TODAY:   […]