5 Career Change Tips to Find a Job You’ll Love

Here are 5 top career change tips that I’ve culled from my favorite posts. No matter where you are in your professional arc, whether just beginning to contemplate a move, or more than ready to take the leap, these tips are designed to fortify your motivation, stamina and confidence, to find a job you’ll love.  

10  Questions to Guide a Successful Career Change

To navigate a successful career change, you’ll need to be a detective to decode the clues of what you want to do next. In this season of new beginnings, here are the questions to jumpstart your process.

How to Network and Have Fun at the Same Time

Let’s say networking is not your strong suit. If so, you’d be in good company.

But there’s no better way than networking to create work opportunities, which is why it’s in my top career change tips. This post will help you design a (relatively) painless strategy to match your strengths. And then, build in achievable benchmarks so that you will follow through.

To Land a Job, Forego the Listings

One of the most soul crushing aspects of looking for work is tackling the job listing. It’s a lot of effort, with limited payoff. And it’s too passive an approach. Here’s a strategy that puts you in charge and leads to better results.

Volunteer Your Way to a Job

When you’re out of a job, volunteering is at the top of my list of career change tips. Not only can it open your network, leading to more meaningful work, in the process, you might just change the world.

Why It’s Important to Take a Day Off

When you’re at a career crossroads and looking for a job, it can feel like you’re never doing enough. And that’s why it’s more important than ever to take a day off.

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