3 Questions to Jumpstart Your Career Change

3 question marksIt’s time to jumpstart your career change. You’ve been out of work for awhile or thinking about leaving a job you don’t like. You’re frustrated and READY to take action, but you’re not sure how to start. This is a moment of real opportunity for finally discovering your purpose. It can also be a time of stress. How will I pay my bills? What’s going to happen to me? Who is going to provide for my family? With money anxiety in the foreground, it might seem frivolous to engage in visioning. But that’s exactly what I suggest you do. Allowing yourself to DREAM and envision a job in which you derive real satisfaction is a crucial first step to making this new career a reality. I have 3 questions that will help jumpstart the process.   

First, I’m going to ask you to get comfortable in a chair (or couch), close your eyes, and take a minute to RELAX your shoulders and follow your breath. Is your stomach clenched? I get it. Keep breathing. Has at least a minute passed? Okay, good.


What are 5 experiences (whether at work or play), when you’ve felt the most alive, when time zooms by or maybe stands still, and you were energized and completely engaged? This could’ve happened yesterday or 25 years ago. Make a list. Write it down.


As a kid growing up, what was the very first job or profession that you remember most wanting to do? (No parental shoulds here.) What did YOU dream of doing?


This one involves drawing. (Stick figures are okay.) Imagine your ideal workplace. What does it look like? Where is it located? What time do you get there? What are you wearing? Who’s with you?


Reflect on your answers. What stands out? What are the common themes? Do you have a passion that has endured? Embedded in these answers will be clues to the essential components of your next career.

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