3 ways to test run a new career idea without risking it all

When clients come to me during a career transition, I often ask them a version of the “genie” question. In other words, if I could wave a magic wand and presto! you could do whatever you want professionally, what would that be? It may take a gentle nudge, but most people come up with an answer – whether it’s a buried dream that’s been gnawing at them since childhood or a more recent yearning. In today’s post, I’m going to provide you with 3 steps to take the seed of a new career idea and make it grow.   […]

How to believe in yourself during a long job search

To be successful in a job search, your core mission is inspiring a potential employer to believe in you. And to make that happen, you have to embody confidence. But when you’re looking for meaningful work and the months are ticking by with no response, it can be hard to believe in yourself. So how do you draw from the well of self-esteem, when that well is drying up?   […]

5 steps to getting a meeting that can change your career



When I started a media organization as a relative unknown, I needed allies. So I had to reach out to film people with a lot more stature than me. In the beginning, I had just a few connections and hardly any introductions, but I still got a great response rate. And that’s because of how I worded my request. I challenge you to get a meeting with someone who can change your career. Read more for the blueprint of how to do it.    […]

Your Holiday Guide to Looking for a Job


You’re looking for a job and it’s the holiday season. On any ordinary given day, it’s hard enough to get prospective employers to return your call. Now, as most commerce slows to a grinding halt, it’s near impossible. But it’s still important to be proactive and maintain momentum. Here are 4 strategies to keep a sense of hope and purpose during this festive time of year.   […]

How to Ditch the New Year’s Resolution and Achieve Your Career Goals

For almost a decade, my ongoing New Year’s resolution was to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. I made it a goal because of the common knowledge that consuming this amount of liquid would make me healthier (and my skin more moist) and because well-intentioned friends would say, “You really should drink more water.” So every January 1st, I would try and then fail miserably within the first week. It wasn’t until the 8×8 medical myth was debunked, that I finally felt released. Now that I’m a Career Coach, I understand why New Year’s resolutions rarely work. And that’s why I’m offering a better approach to achieve your career goals.   […]

Tackle Procrastination in 3 Painless Steps

How to tackle procrastination is personal. It has taken me a lot longer to finish this blog post than it should have, because I was, um, procrastinating. And so the writing process became the ideal thought experiment to analyze what was getting in the way of finishing it, and to know whether I could follow my own advice. After spending (mostly non-procrastination) time researching experts, surveying Coaching clients and putting a mirror to myself, here’s what I’ve learned:     […]

How to Find Purpose by Tapping into Joy

To help you find purpose, I’m going to start with a question: When was the last time you had a peak experience? And by peak experience, I mean something specific. It’s called “flow state” and includes the following characteristics:

– Full immersion in what you’re doing

– Focused concentration on the present moment

– An activity with its own inherent motivation and reward

– A sense that you have the potential to succeed

In other words, flow state feels really good.

When was the last time you had that experience?

Hold that thought.  […]