Your Holiday Guide to Looking for a Job


You’re looking for a job and it’s the holiday season. On any ordinary given day, it’s hard enough to get prospective employers to return your call. Now, as most commerce slows to a grinding halt, it’s near impossible. But it’s still important to be proactive and maintain momentum. Here are 4 strategies to keep a sense of hope and purpose during this festive time of year.   […]

5 Steps to Getting a Meeting That Will Change Your Career



When I started a media organization as a relative unknown, I needed allies. So I had to reach out to film people with a lot more stature than me. In the beginning, I had just a few connections and hardly any introductions, but I still got a great response rate. And that’s because of how I worded my request. I challenge you to get a meeting with someone who can change your career. Read more for the blueprint of how to do it.    […]

How to Network for Career Growth and Have Fun at the Same Time


I’m not a fan of structured networking events. I fully acknowledge that it’s essential to network for career growth. But the idea of walking into a packed room of strangers wearing name tags makes my stomach churn. (Maybe that’s just me.) And so I avoid it. As with exercise, the best networking regimen is the one you’ll actually do. Here are ways to design a plan to match your disposition and build in benchmarks so that you’ll follow through.   […]

How to Improve Your Resume by Answering One Simple Question

question-423604_640 If you’re in a career transition, there’s a good chance you’ll need to update your resume. Maybe you’ve done this recently, or maybe you haven’t looked at it for 20 years. Either way, it can feel like a dreaded task. With so much online noise about how to improve your resume, I want to give you an overview of the basics to position yourself for career change success. I’m going to tackle the questions that I get asked the most. But read all the way through. They build to to the final one, which is the key.   […]

5 Ways to Conquer Rejection During a Job Search


One of the hardest parts of looking for work is weathering rejection. The piling on of “NO’s” during a job search can feel like one body blow after another. It’s an understandable impulse to want to walk away and stop trying. I learned the hard way that you’ve got to fight that impulse in order to reach your career goals. Though I can’t promise to completely take the sting away, I can offer you a protective shield. Here are 5 empowering strategies to boost your confidence, so you can stay in the game.   […]

What It Takes to Start Over in a New Career


Starting over in a new career is personal for me. After 20 years in the film industry, I was aging out of the profession, struggling to find work. Despite a focused effort at seeking job opportunities, and making use of a high-profile network of colleagues and friends, I couldn’t get hired. With my sense of self worth seeping into a puddle, it was the most uncomfortable time of my life. Here’s the good news. Being uncomfortable is an essential component to career change, and the more uncomfortable, the better.   […]

When You’re in a Career Funk, Go for the Quick Win

Unhappiness with your work life is the perfect breeding ground for inertia. It’s scary to make change. With so many unknowns, and so much beyond your control, it might feel safer to settle in on the couch, or in that job you’d love to quit. And the thing about inertia is that it feeds on itself. If days or weeks are passing by, and you’re feeling overwhelmed and inactive, it’s time to go for the QUICK WIN. Put aside the big, amorphous career change goals for the moment and take a baby step. I’m going to lay out 7 options, some directly linked to career change, but others completely unrelated. Here’s the best part – of these 7 easy ways for breaking out of a career funk, you only have to choose ONE – but commit to doing it TODAY:   […]

5 Top Ways to Get Unstuck While Looking for Work


Looking for work is a hard job. It takes creativity, focus, resilience and a thick skin. If, along the path, you send out dozens of resumes and barely get an interview, and when you do, you’re not chosen, it can start a spiral of negative thinking that leads to nowhere good. (I know. I’ve been there.) If you’re looking to expand a business, progress often feels fleeting, one step forward, four steps back. The only way to ensure success is to STAY IN THE GAME. But how do you persevere when if feels like no one wants you? Where do you turn for solutions when you’ve hit the wall? Here’s my five-point plan for staying buoyant and refreshed as you chart your career course.   […]

How to Use Your Network to Find Your Next Career

Ready for career change

You’re ready to find your next career. This time, you want to love it. You’re looking for a job that reflects who you really are, pays well, doesn’t drain your energy and makes you excited about going to work.

The problem is, you have no idea what that could be.

Here’s another scenario. You’ve already been thinking about career change for awhile, and you have some clues about what you want to do next. But you don’t know how to get started.

If either of these sound familiar, it’s time to enlist your network. Your circle of friends and associates can play a key role in helping you find your next career. Here are 6 action steps  you can take to put your network to work.     […]